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Allen Sowelle has been writing, directing, filming, editing, and producing films and TV shows for many years. These are some of the existing cinematic works in which Allen and other members of our company have been involved.

Sowelle Director's Reel

Emma Rae

Emma Rae illuminates the often dark and turbulent waters, many teens must navigate in the over saturated and unforgiving age of social media.

We hurt.  Ourselves and each other.  When I was young, if kids wanted to tease or bully you they either wrote notes, started whisper campaigns, or confronted you at lunch or in gym class.  The bullying seldom went beyond the extent of mere words.  Sticks and stones, but words could never...

But in today's generation, words have become weaponized.  Social media allows kids to hurls insults, lies, and harassment instantaneously.   Kids can be widely ridiculed, even sexually exploited with the touch of a send button.

Not only are teens over-sharing their exploits about sex and hate, they are also normalizing drug and alcohol use without deeper understanding of the consequences.  

Add in abandonment, the discarded nature of a society, fiending for instant gratification where everything is replaceable - you get Emma Rae. You get the story of a girl in the foster care system, who is pushed and pushed, until one day... she pushes back.


Front Seat Chronicles

Front Seat Chronicles (FSC) is a series about transformation.

We’ve all had those transitional moments, those pivotal conversations in our lives with a spouse, partner, family member, or close friend.  Be the conversations about a faltering relationship, a financial hardship, or the letting go of a loved one, with Front Seat Chronicles we peer into the moment as two people try to rise above, reconcile, or release their respective challenges.

Many of the stories are hopeful, some sad, but they all strive give us an honest view of where we are. Herein lies the aspiration, the lesson, and the dream. In addition to sharing these conversations with you, we will on occasion provide insights and/or links related to the topic of each episode.

Most important - Front Seat Chronicles is a collaboration of diverse and remarkable writers and actors lending their talents to facilitate conversation and understanding.

Inspired by The Conversation, a short story written by Mohammed Bilal, the Front Seat Chronicles series was created by writer/director Allen L. Sowelle, is produced by Josh Feinman, and shot by cinematographer Devon K. Lee.

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Allen L. Sowelle
Editor, Director, Producer

Front Seat Chronicles episodes photo grid

Front Seat Chronicles

Web Based Drama | 5 seasons | 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019

Writer/Director: Allen L. Sowelle
Stars: Producer: Josh Feinman
Cinematographer: Devon K. Lee

Front Seat Chronicles Website

9INE bleachers at school


Drama | 9 episodes | 2011

Creator: Allen L. Sowelle

Chasiti Hampton, Jonathan 'Lil J' McDaniel, Evan Parke

9INE on Vimeo

Allen Sowelle with camera

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Top Indie Film Awards
2018 - February Award WINNER
Best Short - Emma Rae (2017)
Shared with Chris Beal (producer)

Hollywood Short Film Festival
2019 - Festival Prize WINNER
Best Drama - Emma Rae (2017)
Shared with Sarah Kay Jolly (actress)

Allen Sowelle with camera

5 Time Telly Award Winner
For 2 scripted dramas,
9INE, and
Front Seat Chronicles

Burbank Intrnl Film Festival
2018 - Nomine
Best Short - Emma Rae (2017)
Shared with Chris Beal (producer)