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Based on true events, PIKE is a story highlighting the personal cost of conflict, as experienced by a Gold Star Family. Decorated, military intelligence veteran Diana Pike, having her world forever changed after the loss of her only son Christian during a Navy SEAL mission in Afghanistan, embarks on a journey to give her son and herself a proper exit when she travels to the Middle East in another attempt to gain closure.
Along the way she discovers not only the warrior her son became, but also the beautiful human being she raised who championed those in need of confidence and camaraderie to get through America’s longest war.
Though unwilling to seek the spotlight, Diana eventually finds her voice and gives others theirs as she crosses the country and beyond, sharing their story through the Navy dedications to his heroic service, acknowledgements by our Intel services, and speaking engagements for Gold Star families.
Her family’s formidable journey serves as a universal memorial to the Warrior Spirit of a grateful Nation and as a lasting tribute to the “Love that is Gone” when a family loses a child.

Read about Chief Pike being posthumously awarded the Bronze Star with Valor by clicking on the button below.

Pike awarded Bronze Star with Valor